The Church of Jesus Christ in 21st century America often forgets that the real leader of the Church is Jesus Christ through the guidance and empowerment of His Holy Spirit.  There are many operational myths that undermine this reality.  Recently Kevan Duke posted this article on the blog CHURCH LEADERS – Steve


Myth #1: I am the head of Christ’s body.

We are becoming obsessed with church leadership. Entire movements and organizations have been built on teaching people how to become better leaders.

I got caught up in this culture for a long time. It is one that relies heavily on the sentiment that every local church needs a strong visionary leader at its forefront in order to be successful—a sort of Moses if you will.

But Moses never wanted the job in the first place. He didn’t feel qualified, and the truth is that he wasn’t.

However, that is precisely the point. The people who play the most significant roles in the story are typically those that didn’t really do anything of themselves. Rather, God accomplished things through them that they clearly could have never done on their own strength.

What every local church needs is leaders who are becoming increasingly dependent upon the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives and who submit to the headship of Jesus.

Nearly every church leader would agree with this sentiment, but if we would step back and evaluate whether or not we actually believe it, we would find that many of the things we do are functions of our own agendas.

It is precisely our longing to be in control that caused all the problems in the universe in the first place, and those problems won’t be solved under our leadership.

Instead, when we assume control, the church becomes a war torn territory, deteriorating under the weight of the decisions our family made many years ago in a garden.

There is but one head of the church and His name is not Kevan. This has been hard for me to swallow. God has really opened my eyes to realize that my longing for control screams, “I don’t trust God.”

Do we really believe Jesus is capable of leading His church into maturity? Do we believe He can fulfill His promise that the gates of hades cannot prevail against it?

Or do we trust ourselves to do Jesus’ job as the head?

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